Sunday, December 6, 2009

Calendar Time

Each day we spend about fifteen minutes together having calendar time. We take a look at the calendar and say the month and date together. On my calendar I post birthdays, trips, etc. We count up to see how many days until that event.

I also have a section where we complete the sentences:

Today is ______________.

Yesterday was __________.

Tomorrow will be ________.

This is an excellent review of the sequence of the days of the week! I have the days of the week laminated with a magnetic strip behind each one. That way they can easily be changed each day.

Next we have a chart that we continue to count the number of days we've been in school. This reinforces counting up to 100.

Then we count coins that match how many days we've been in school. For example, if we have been in school for sixty-two days, then we count coins that add up to sixty-two cents. I have a set of plastic coins with velco behind them. Our money chart has strips of velcro, too. I like this because you can change them quickly, yet the coins stay fast and tight until you remove them. When we accumulate five pennies we exchange them for a nickel. When we get two nickels we exchange them for a dime. You get the picture!

Speaking of are some of my calendar area.

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