Sunday, December 6, 2009

Labels, Labels, Labels

Self sticking labels for the computer have become one of my favorite new ways to be well organized and efficent in my classroom.

I print sheets of labels with each child's name. The first day of school, I put parent volunteers to work right away. They attach the student-name labels to consumable workbooks, journals, take-home folders, etc.

At our school we change classes for reading, so I have a label that attaches to the take-home folder also. It has my name, our room number, and the reading teacher's name. This helps the parents, teachers, and students quickly identify a folder. Here is the template I use and you are welcome to change it to suit your needs.

Take Home Folder Labels

I use labels for field trips. I make a label with our school name and phone number, my name etc. I then stick them to one of the cute sets of cut-outs available, laminate them, punch a hole in them. Then I tie a string through it and tah dah you have cute field trip necklaces.

Another use for labels is to print your own customized message for parents. I can quickly peel these labels and attach them to the child's daily agenda that goes home each night.

Here's just one example: I use return address labels. Each one states: Just a reminder that you've signed up for a conference on_________________ at __________________.

I'd love to hear about ways you have used printable labels in your classroom!

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