Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fabulous First Grade Websites

There are so many wonderful websites out there and so many creative teachers among us. Spend some time visiting a few. Even after all of these years teaching first grade I am always finding something new and exciting. Sometimes another teacher's ideas or blog will reinforce a thought I had. Sometimes these ideas and blogs will help me try something new and fresh. Many times I just am looking for a new way to present material.

Remember, most teachers share ideas freely but, always check for permissions and copyrights before using another person's information!

Here are links to a few of my favorite first grade sites on the web

Mrs. Sterczek's First Grade
I like her parent information page.

Mrs. Zider's First Grade
She has a very nice tour of her classroom through photos.

Mrs. McGowan's First Grade
She has a wealth of information, including lots and lots of great websites to check out.

Mrs. Antoine's Access to Academics
You'll find great teacher resources, as well as examples of classroom management tips.

Mrs. Dennis' First Grade
Here you can find links to first grade skill builder activities for students to use at school and at home.

Ms. Oakes' Fantastic First Grade
Check out her "sweet" behavior guidelines using her classroom rules.

Mrs. Golubic's First Grade
I love her wonderful collection of links that are divided by subject areas.

Mrs. Short's First Grade
Awesome ideas for internet projects. There are also some great printables and downloads.

Mrs. Harper's First Grade
Wow, what a nice "parent's toolbox" link. There are tips and ways for parents to help their children be the best they can be!

Mrs. Houpe's First Grade
Colorful! That's what her list of rainbow words are for sure! She has created color-coded flash cards for the parent to utilize at home. They are listed by week of study. You could take this idea and adapt it to your reading series.

Mrs. Weyant's First Grade
Love the idea to post "Study" Guides for parents. This way parents can stay connected to what's being taught in the classroom.

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